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Our Mission


At Boatswain Bay PCA our major themes are “Know God; Love God; Serve God.”


As we come to know God better through the systematic study of His Word, our love for God and others grows stronger and deeper.  And as love grows, so does our commitment to put Him first in everything!  We serve Him because we love Him!  We give Him the best of our Time, Talents and Treasure!


Now admittedly, we are but learners on the path of discovery.  But we are learning!  And as we faithfully seek to put what we’re learning into practice, we are experiencing an outpouring of God’s grace, mercy and love.


Of course, no church on earth is perfect (unless it’s empty).  We realize that even on our best days, we are still sinners.  But knowing that truth makes us better able to love others with the same love that God has shown us!


We hope to see you soon at Boatswain Bay PCA.





10am Christian education for children and adults


11:00am Morning Worship


7:00pm Evening Worship




7:30pm Pastor's Study


8:30pm Prayer Meeting


Any additional services will be announced on our notice board and on our website.

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